Data Output

Hi All,

Has anyone mentioned whether there will be data output in FH4 as recently added to FM7? It would be great to play FH4 in a motion simulator.




Are there any news regarding a Data Out Feature? Will it support telemetry data for apps (and motion simulators)?


+1 for data out to also support dashboards and other add ons, eg via simhub etc

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I really would like to know about that will FH4 gets an UDP export like FM7?
If so, I am going to pre-order FH4 right now. :slight_smile:

I asked Playground games on Twitter about the data out feature from Forza 7, however, I got no reply. It’s probably safe to assume it’s not in the game, if it was, I’m pretty sure they would have said so since the game has gone gold. I couldn’t see the feature in the demo neither.

I guess it could be patched in at a later date.

Not sure why they are taking steps backwards. Buyers expect features added to the last game to carry over. They should be sharing code and it should be modular.

Totally agree with you. It’s a real shame to not include such a useful feature.

However, at the moment, it’s just speculation because the final game isn’t out yet. Silence can speak volumes, mind.

I thought that there is data out… but I cannot find on demo version
is it there in retail version?

if there is no, i will pass on it.
because i didn’t finish FH3 and DLCs.

Sad :frowning:

The retail version does not contain the Data Out Option too.

I hope that they add it with an update, but there hasn’t been any confirmation yet.

For those wondering whats Data Out:
It has been added to Forza Motorsport 7 with an update and allows users to use compatible Motion simulators and Dashboard Apps.
Forza Motorsport 7 ‘Data Out’ feature details

Forza Motorsport 7 added this feature a few months ago. It works great for external gauges and motion rigs. Is this not a feature in Forza Horizon 4 or did I miss it?

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I can’t find it in the retail version either. It would seem that since they updated the feature in Forza 7 to have more features that they knew that there was demand for the option.

I hope that they will add the feature soon.

Getting with Next Level Racing they are waiting for Turn 10 to release the Data Out port. They apparently are working on it though so that’s good news. No telling when it gets released though. I’m actually waiting for motion to come before buying the game. The 1st experience will be more enjoyable with motion. :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for motion to buy the game too. Good news if they are indeed working on the data out feature. Fingers crossed.

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I’m waiting too +1

does anybody know if (and if so,when) they are planning of adding a data out/telemetry function like they did in fm7? really looking forward to that feature in fh4.


It would be nice to get some clarification. A few posts up mentioned that there are plans for the feature, but until the developers mention it, I guess it’s just hearsay for now.

Yes !

We Need a Output for FH4 :slight_smile:

i Use 3 External Dashboards , Simvibe and Motion …
When i drive Without is like i drive naked :stuck_out_tongue:

a Racing Game without Telemtrie and Data Output is like a Airplain without Wings ^^

I’ve still not seen any news. I check frequently but it’s starting to feel like a lost cause.

I want it too!!