Dashboard clock doesn't work at any car at all.......

In Horizon 1 you could see what the exact time was, watching at the dashboard clock of a car. Now in Horizon 2 it says always 12:00. Kinda lame isn’t it? Since it shouldn’t be that hard to implement. I always find it fun to see how late it is ingame, how long to wait till it’s evening.

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Oh Dragnet, promise us you will never change. LOL


I always thought the cars showed real world time on the in car clock in the first Horizon game like in Forza Motorsport. Did they not? Not that I care about that.

Yeah, it is pretty dissapointing. Definitely one of those little things that make the series stand out for it’s attention to detail.

No idea what your problem is. =/


I must admit I always liked that the clock showed the real time in previous Forza’s.


Most likely a bug prob be fixed in a patch.

This is game breaking. We better get compensation for this.

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Taking game back to store immediately :wink:

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For me it never worked as a concept. I mean it’s pitch black outside your windshield, but your clock says 14.22! lol
It’s not so bad in motorsport, as i play mostly during the day lately.
At least it will be precisely bang on twice a day!

Horizon 1 had the exact time on the dashboard what it was showing in the game world.

Pre-order canceled.

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wow…you are an idiot and shouldnt play a game like forza…i can care less about the damn fake clock! im watching my tachometer and speedometer… i mean, it IS a racing game… not a watch!

that was sarcasm, mate…just take a deep breath and let it out slowly…

So, you mean the in-game, virtual car dashboard clock is synced up with the Horizon world? Makes perfectly good sense to me.

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…I don’t get it.

Am I the only guy that doesn’t care?

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No, no you’re not. :slight_smile:

Personally I found it quite convenient in previous Forza titles. Meant I could check the (real-world) time without having to grab my phone or go to dashboard.

Won’t stop me enjoying the game, but it’s a detail that I did quite appreciate.