DARKWOLF440's Gallery - The Scenic Route

Welcome to my Gallery. As you can guess by the title I like taking the scenic route :slight_smile:

All shots are for fun and many are after making designs for the cars. I enjoy trying new things with the camera and do some photography in real life too. Thanks for looking!


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Nice shots! I like the second one the most : )

In terms of overall balance and layout, my favourite is the first one.

Thanks guys!

The containers at the railyard make for some neat shots. The little bug wanted in on action too… :slight_smile:

This is well done, looks like an official T10 promo shot!

+1! Lovely lighting.

The shot of the Cuda has some very realistic vibe to it! Could pass for the unknowing, I think lol.

Thanks man! I really enjoyed making the Cuda. I actually like racing it too! :smiley:

Here is a new one. Its a copy of a Hotwheel car they made some years ago! LOL

Awesome shots, man! Really like them, keep going!
I just joined this part of the forum and will upload some shots of mine aswell, my thread is already up. Maybe take a look?

For sure man! Thanks!

Cold out there! Just a couple fun Winter Rally shots. :slight_smile:

Water splashes looking like real. Good timing :stuck_out_tongue:


Some more fun shots. Nothing too serious.

Here is a new design I made. It’s of Henry A. Davis’ GT40 Raced at Lemans in 1966. I had took it out for pictures driving around in the UK . :slight_smile:

I darkened the color a bit. I think the red was too orange and now is a darker red. Been using it in street racing and really like the car.

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That second shot looks very realistic. Well Done

I like these two.

As everyone else has said, this is a epicly timed shot.

Thanks guys!

Decided to enter the first photo contest I have tried on the forums here and these are what I entered on the contest thread. I happened to be using me Buggy last night in races so I thought I’d go with that!