Danger sign Accolade ones not registering?

The ones in a specific car with more than 50 feet?
I Pin them so I know i’m in the right car as the first stage box gets ticked but the jumps (longer than 50m by some margin) are not triggering the second stage?

Any ideas…

Also managed to get 251/250 Bonus board somehow… used the Toyota barn find for the 5 “awkward” 5000 boards and got them easily…

I haven’t found them all yet, but of the 5000 point boards I have found, they don’t seem to be a difficult as in past games. Maybe I know all the tricks by now, this being my 5th Horizon game.

Maybe the “Hotfix” of 5 Gigabyte change that glitch with the Morris Minor 1000. There are more problems where accolades not registered as solved as with the foto challenges in the first story.

The drift chapter in the VW story just keeps hanging as well…

There’s a lot needs fixing!!!

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some of the accolades not triggering when’s the next Hot Fix

yep still not fixed… there is also a difference in the description in thje accolade screen where it says 50m and in the the pinned progress where it says <50 feet>