Dampsey proton racing porsche 911 991 rsr gte 2015


Here is my work for the DAMPSEY PROTON RACING PORSCHE 911 991 RSR GTE 2015, hope you guys like it. Its my first try on a paintjob so please be gentle :wink:

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Looks cool!

I’m going to be harsh max! thats a good job for a 1st timer :wink:

Car looks great. I would love to see a pre-race not painted dirty version though. I prefer to dirty up my cars myself. :smiley:

Very nice replica for 1st try only crit is those rims hurt my eyes lol


Well, these are my rims cause they are the ones that fit into my A700. There are only 2 or 3 rims with the same weight :smiley:

Nice work right out of the gate! Keep more coming.

Thanks man! It took me about 30-35 hours… The “TAG Heuer” logo was killing me

very nice work mate great stuff