Damper curve tuning?

I know the game has some type of fancy digressive dampers that noone has publicly talked about, that I can find on the internet. I’d like some slightly more linear dampers for my semi-competitive, roll-happy, mild-street (in my mind) -type tunes that the current dampers do… funny things to, quite often. I.e., slamming on the brakes to a complete stop with soft springs and long stroke can trigger the high-speed valving, causing oscillation, before slowing into the low-speed valving and settling immediately.

My attempt at baiting someone into telling me that yes, Forza’s damper curves were/are in fact highly researched and developed with versatility and driver-friendliness in mind, over outright grip within tightly controlled testing scenarios, in FM7 tech support section garnered 0 response.

Dragnet will likely lock this shortly, but regardless, I have to try to ask. Thanks.