Damage settings in multiplayer

Not sure if this has been posted or not, but if you play career mode with realistic damage, then join a multiplayer lobby with cosmetic only damage selected, the game will still force you to have simulation damage. The only way around it is for me to back out and load my career, start a race, change the setting, then back out. This catches me out every single time and I find it incredibly frustrating.

Another thing I seem to notice is that when doing time trial, it will only post your fastest lap. This mean that if your fastest lap is a dirty lap, but you manage a clean lap that is say a tenth of a second slower, you dirty lap is posted to the leader board. This essentially puts you further down the board than you would have been if the game had taken your clean lap. Maybe an option to choose which of your lap times you would like to submit to the leader boards at the end of you time trial session would be the easiest fix.

time trial?

I’m going to assume your talking about the bug with private lobbies where the host can set cosmetic damage but if you have simulation damage set under assists it will override the lobby setting. You don’t have to backout to career to rectify though, just highlight your name in the player list, press a, choose assists and change damage to cosmetic. This bug is one of the rare ones which didnt pre-exist in FM5 and simply just got carried over to FM6 (or as i like to call it FM 5.11) but rather is a new one introduced as part of FM6. Unfortunately like the hundreds of other bugs that are in both FM5 FM6 i doubt we’ll see T10 resolve them anytime soon, particularly as lately they seem to just be creating 3 new bugs for every 1 they try to fix :frowning:

I’m not sure where you are experiencing this but what you describe is not the usual or expected behaviour experienced. With any and all races ive done in career, rivals and online multiplayer a clean lap will always be considered as your best lap compared to a dirty lap irrespective of the time. The only thing which comes to mind is that career mode doesnt show the dirty indicator during the race even if the lap was dirty and certain mods will make all laps instantly dirty (eg extra grip, less weight etc).

If you can provide some details on exactly which mode/section (eg career, rivals, freeplay) and specific track or race you are experiencing this on i’ll give it a whirl and see if i get the same thing as you.