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Hello guys!

I have started to design some simple replicas again. I am not in any way a professional so do not expect the perfection and detail some of the painters on this game have

The below is my first creation. It’s a simple, yet classic Martini livery for the new Dakar 959

Next in line is the Temple Racing Kanjo EK9, which I had spent hours creating on FH2 4 years ago and am in the process of porting the design with some updates to FH4. It will be available in various colours, so stay tuned :wink:

I dig the Kanjozoku civic but the Martini livery could use some work with the logo. When you have such a simple livery it’s key to make sure your logos are on point. Try making your own custom typefaces for these logos. Looking forward to more!

Thanks for the feedback. I agree, I will get back to work on it at one point. It was a bit rushed and I made it in around 20 minutes so definitely room for improvement

So guys, after countless hours trying to perfect the lines I’ve finally finished the design for the Temple Racing EK9

Please feel free to download and/or leave a like if you can. I would really appreciate getting some downloads on it.

I would be more than happy to cater to some colour combination requests for this design. The Temple Racing Logo is also on my creative hub

The design on the store front is ‘Temple Racing EK’ or feel free to search for my GT.

Looking good, I like Kanjozoku style.

Thank you mate! Me too, very clean and simple