Daily Wheelspins

Still not getting the supposed daily wheelspin for owning the Hotel Castille. I think I’ve only had one in the 2 weeks since I bought it. Is there any sign of a fix for this yet?

Hey, check out https://support.forzamotorsport.net/hc/en-us/articles/4409616884883-FH5-Known-Issues if you wonder if something is a bug and known to the team. You can do ctrl+f and then type in wheelspin to quickly jump to a sentence with wheelspin in it ( if you didn’t know ).

Houses - Hotel Castillo - Players may not get daily wheelspins from the house is listen as a known bug.

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i got 1 the day before

i got none yesterday

its bugged!

Got 1 yesterday but not today and not monday , sunday, saturday either.

Didnt get my Daily spin again, so annoying these bugs

And another day without getting a daily wheelspin, they really need to get fixing these things. When will we get all the Dailyspins we didnt get ??? Will they all come at once ??

I got the Hotel after a week of the games launch, i never got a wheelspin from it. I got a message now about the wheelspins, but still didnt get it :expressionless: 5 mil down the drain

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