Daily Payouts

Earlier today I was going through my daily payout messages. I was starting to delete them but mistakenly hit the A button. A message showed saying it was claiming rewards and then they were cleared. Ranks upgraded including the Blueprinter that I had thought and mentioned in other threads wasn’t being updated with community activity.

Feel free to poke fun but I never had to do this before that I can remember.


I never knew to press A until I was level 16 :smiley: Omg. I wondered why it was taking so long!

You gotta press A to get the funds? :smiley: Whoops…no worries, when I log on after 6 or 7 days and I see 5 messages per day times…well I’m just gonna keep slapping X then :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, have at it. Claiming them processes them all at once though, at least what the game downloads. I had a full queue several times.

I suddenly jumped a bunch of levels and had a load of superwheel spins I didn’t need haha