Daily challenge not working?

I’m trying to do ‘Full Potential’ and I’m not getting credit. I’ve taken a HSV, a ford FPV and a wiling all at 900. Got about 12 stars in each, and got no credit. Am I missing something?

I did it in the Holden Sandman, upgraded to S1.

Got mine with the Wuling tuned to S1 880 (had to detune my S2 build lol), easy, three jumps and done.

I’d say you’re probably not missing anything, this game is notorious for bugs, could be it’ll work after a restart. Or, some have luck with buying a fresh car if you can go that route but no guarantee there either. Good luck !

I’m having the same problem to.
I’ve tried two different vans and have got exactly 9 stars - but not saying challenge is complete

Make sure you are selecting from the correct filter. Vans and utility (?) has its own section.

It worked for me.

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At first it didn’t work for me so I did something else and went back to it and got it in the 1970 Chevrolet El Camino Super Sport 454 Upgraded to S1, I did the Boardwalk Danger Sign a few times.

When I used tunes created by other players, it didn’t work for me. Then I decided to modify my HSV MALOO by myself and it worked.
So just choose the right car and increase its PI to class S1 by yourself.

Had the same problem with the HSV. Removed the tune I got from the Creative Hub and used autoupgrade to get to S1 instead. The challenge completed on the next danger side.

Connect to online and try again. It worked to me!

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Ended up rebooting console twice and finally got it to work with the same cars I used before.

Thanks for the replies.

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Finally got it to work (Holden Sandman) - only by using my own tune on it. Didn’t work using someone else’s.

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Also only worked for me if I tuned it myself to S1.