Daily Challenge Bugged

Well it looks like todays daily is bugged as well. “complete any Horizon Story chapter”

Cmon Microsoft… time to actualy test this… i give you my 5min to test it. we can’t get 100% of season because of this.


you can get 100% of the season without the 2 dailies

i have 63/61 and the past 2 daily challenges are not complete

If you have 63/61 then you have 100%. They give you a bit of flexibility on how you get to 100%.

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Today’s daily works if you complete a story chapter that you haven’t already completed. Seems they haven’t tested most of these dailies on an account that has fully completed the content required.

I was counting on the dailies to cover the current state of Horizon Arcade. Glad I finally finished one since the daily challenges are bugged.

Yeah, it sure is. You’d think the developers would be a little more competent than this, but I guess not.

Or they simply forgot something and will fix it later. Which seems more likely to you?

Called it.

Confirmed its bugged again, another daily challenge we cant complete

Question to devs. Why did you add so many accolades and new daily challenges without testing it? 5 weeks before release the game reached gold status with annoying bugs (some of them exist since FH3) that players found in first hours of playing.

Todays challenge “complete any Horizon Story chapter”
Only works if its a NEW chapter of any horizon story. If you play a previously horizon story chapter cleared, this challenge dont work. Maybe with the expeditiom challenge is the same thing. In my case i already finished all expeditions and for that reason the Explorer challenge cant be completed

Does the Expedition daily have the same bug? I’ve already completed all of the Expeditions.

This item has been added to the Known Issues list.


Is there any indication that these Dailies will be resolved before they expire? I realise you probably haven’t been told anything but it would at least be nice if someone from PGG could say “sure, they are being worked on as a priority and we aim to fix them before next Thursday”…it would lead to slightly less complaints, especially those that need those extra points or two for the prizes.