Dado's gallery from Italy...updated 12/07

Hello everyone my name is Dado and these are my photos of this fantastic game!


Awesome shot, love the sense of speed.

thanks man!

I’m late to the party but I think this photo is exceptional. Good use of the wide angle, and I totally agree with Viper on the sense of speed. Keep it up!

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I try to do better being a beginner

Great start on the gallery! and i love this shot, looks like it came right out of a tuner mag, keep it up

the moving pictures are much more realistic … however it is true like a photo of a magazine…

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^Very nice!

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For a more balanced update in the future. I feel you need to mix up the layouts a bit more, since most of the shots from what I can see look very similar.

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actually are very similar you are right, I hope to do better with the next shots!

I love shots like that. Great work with it!

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i love old rally legend

BMW M2 new pack

Really enjoying your shots, keep it up :slight_smile:

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Nice work on that M2 shot!

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thanks guys…