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This is one of my favorite setups for the dodge charger. NYPD!! Hope You Enjoy. Hopefully there will be some cops and racers crews up soon

I had a beautiful setup for FM3 for this car but i never took any pictures of it. But this one is my baby

I love this car so much also if you dont have it. i recommend it. it purrs!!

Here is my R8…I just picked her up so im excited to take her for a spin

Looks nice, but the german/american plate bothers me :smiley:

i can totally explain that lol. in the US its normal to see Euro plates on the front of a car and American plates on the back especially on the street racing scene. i guess you can call it wishful thinking =0D and PA is the german state so thats kind of where the idea came from

Pizza Anyone !!!

My Sisters G Wagon

My R8 making a smooth pass

Taking in the beautiful scenery

My Spoon EK

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Cool, did not know that

Lol, awesome Domino’s paint job and I really like the pic on top of the building.