D400 '03 Celica SSII

Greetings gearheads!

I’ve finally completed my first build for FM5: 2003 Toyota Celica SSII D400 class. I’ve previously shared 3 ‘rough’ tunes for this car but have since erased those. After tearing down and rebuilding this tune 7 times I feel am very happy with this build. She has been tested at Road America and Yas Marina and I have posted top 4% to 5% times at both tracks respectively. No, I understand these are not top 500 times but I have no doubt some of you with different driving styles might post even better times (I have also tested at Road Atlanta Full and have posted a ‘un-certified’ time of 1:39.711).

About the car: The Celica is NOT geared for acceleration and features a low final drive ratio. I’ve spent many laps re-tooling the transmission to keep the gears within the power band to the best of my ability and will manage 142mph at Indianapolis. It is because of this low final drive which probably keeps this car from reaching the top 2% on the ‘technical’ tracks. She is built for grip and can be pushed to the limits into most corners… and its fun. I invite anyone interested to pick this tune up please and provide feedback in what works and what doesn’t. Car is found under GT: burlngam and file name: ‘SS-I’

Next up: 1993 Nissan GT-R R32… C500/B600?? will post a few ‘rough’ tunes occasionally until I find the ‘sweet spot’. :wink: