CWR63's FH3 Forzatography

These are all from Xbox One. My photos are not great, but occasionally I do get lucky. There aren’t many here since most of my photos are for showing liveries; those are over on my Paint Booth thread. I’ll start off with a couple of stitched together panoramas I made for the dual 4K monitor setup on my PC I just built (it’s Win7, that’s why I don’t play FH3 on the PC):

Corsair pano

These are comprised of 21 to 30 photos - going from 1K to 2x4K would technically mean only 8 pics are needed, but there needs to be enough overlap to eliminate all those watermarks and still give you enough room around the edges - I fell short on height and width on the upper panorama and was only over by a pixel or two on width of the lower…it’s too much work for a so-so result. If you are not at 20x zoom, perspective’s gonna mess up alignments, and figuring out composition is near impossible - if you took 50 photos that might give you options for framing the composition, but you’d likely be insane at that point.

[EDIT] I took a few hours using a graphic program I am more familiar with to re-assemble the second pano from scratch, and it came out pretty good - it was still only a few pixels wider than needs be, but I made it much taller to give me placement options using the freeware “Dual Wallpaper”.

This took about 32 photos (4 rows of 7 each with duplicates in the center of each row with watermarks moved to ensure coverage) at 20x zoom each shot is 2 degrees apart horizontally and each row is 1.2 degrees apart vertically. Even though it registers tenths of a degree, the camera moves quite a bit within those tenths - so you should decide when moving the camera whether it’s gonna be at the point just after it registers the 1.2 degrees of movement (for instance) or just before it ticks over to 1.3 degrees. It sounds penny ante, but having holes in your panorama is a likely result.

Of course, easier still is playing this on Win10 where 4 shots is good for a single 4K desktop, and 6 - 8 shots for dual monitor desktops. Made some while trialing Win10 playing Forza Apex:
1 2

Those were the only 2 I could assemble, there were others that I just couldn’t make work…

Here’s some vertical compositions:
splash 508 508 2 08 merc m2 wild merc CG DT CP OB

And the rest:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

That’s it for now, critiques are welcome and full size images can be DLed from the gallery on this very site.

WOW Amazing work on the Panos … and everything else is amazing as well!

Love the panoramas. Keep going with them!

Some great shots in there, that first panorama is brilliant and I really like the first vertical, very realistic looking. Look forward to see what you do next.

I would like to see what you can do scenery shot wise in the city, while in a custom blueprint bucket list created by you with traffic turned off. Because when I saw this shot, I felt it would of turned out better without any markers, race barriers or cars in shot.

Thanks for the encouraging messages - I can try to continue the panos at a lower resolution; if I’m not aiming for such a high resolution it could even be fun.

Pebb, I’ll need to experiment more with blueprint bucket list parameters to figure a way to eliminate markers and race barriers, but I’ll give it a try.

Those last shots were awesome man, great job! Keep it up!

Thank you - dawn and dusk shots really show off the game’s lighting model.

Really like this one:

Your sig looks fantastic!

Some more verts and an attempt on Pebb’s request:
1 2 3

Here’s some shots of my Gulf GT by the shore…eehhh. Good in theory, but, eh.
1 2 3

Really wide panorama, only one shot high. I made it and realized that you can’t really look at it - too wide. Won’t do that again:

Broke down and did another stitch; 36 pics, largest yet. Having light glare that close to the camera meant having lots of post work trying to even out those values over many pics, not recommended:

The plan of this stitch:

Nice work on this:

And thanks for the compliment on my signature :slight_smile:

Thank you, it’s shot at a slightly later time than the original, plus I reset my camera effects so it’s not exact. I did publish the blueprint race for night photography of downtown from late afternoon through the next dawn with no traffic =]