Custom Wheel Profile not applied after game restart (G29)

I remember having this issue in FH3+G29, but it was fine for my in FH4. This issue seems to have returned in FH5. Anyone having their wheel profile switching back to default (the custom mapping is saved, just that the default profile is applied)?

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Using a Fanatec CSL Elite and have the same problem. The binding safe in the custom profile, but every time I start up FH5, i have to re-enable the custom profile instead of the default profile for my wheel.

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Xbox SX here and G923.
Clutch do not work at all, H shifter is recognized half of the times, FF sometimes works, sometimes not.
Sometimes wheel sensitivity is so high that 1/8 turn feels like full turn.
Utter disappointment :frowning:

Same here, G920 on Windows 10

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