Custom decals revert to default

Hi Forza

I have just recently encountered an issue after I downloaded the latest update for forza motorsport 7. I modified my decals on my #22 Holden commodore and upon attempting to race with my new livery I discovered that it was no longer on the car and had reverted to the default boost mobile livery. My design does not include any downloaded vinyl groups. Please help me

I also have the same problem. The game most be broken, thats why I like forza horizon 3 better

Liveries are a nightmare right now in FM7, there are losts of posts about it starting almost from day one.

I’m having this issue offline. All my skins are mine, but they disappear once I enter a race lobby against A.I. It’s absolutely infuriating when you’ve spent hours on a livery and it disappears every time you want to actually use it.

Why is this even an issue? It was created on MY console in a game that’s downloaded onto MY hard drive. Just because I currently don’t have internet means that I can’t use a graphic, or custom paint on a car against YOUR A.I. in career or free play mode? This has only really happened with graphics I’ve created off-line, but THIS NEEDS FIXED ASAP. Really disappointed with how buggy this game is overall. I used to love playing 4 and 6, but with 7 I always worry about what’s gonna go wrong next. Thanks for dropping the ball, Turn10.

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