Custom controller config not saving/working between play sessions

I use a custom controller configuration w/xbox one controller connected to PC via USB. I’m finding that the controller config is somehow “partially” saved: if I launch the game and enter a race, the controller configuration is wrong. However, when I pause or exit the race and go into the controller settings menu, everything LOOKS correct - but doesn’t ACT correct until I re-enter one of the control options and re-save it.

And I have to do this every. single. time. I. play. Incredibly annoying - especially when CTD’s enter the picture.


For me the same here. Very annoying…

Glad to hear it isn’t just me

Hey T10 people - do you need some diagnostic information to track this down? Or is it a known bug?

Any news about that problem? Or another way to report such bugs?

Still a problem for me after the last patch.

T10 - Can we get a response, please?

Another patch - but the problem is still there. :frowning:

Patches with fixes all around. But why can´t you fix this problem?
And why is there no reaction here, no answer, no support? Whats the section here? “Technical Support & Help”???

Same problem here. Where are Forza employees? This thread is pretty old and still the issue is not solved.

I’ve got the same problem. And no fix for month… :frowning:

Once more: When will be a fix for that problem?