Custom Adventure Collisions Off - Absolutely Terrible Experience!

Having grown weary of clumsy oafs barging into me and knocking me off the track at inopportune moments (sometimes I think they do it on purpose!!), I tried Custom Adventure, with Free Roam Rush and Collisions both turned off, yesterday. I’ve been playing that for a day now. It’s terrible! The racers on there are quick. I’ve only managed a handful of podiums. I think there must be a glitch.

It is fun though!

It’s not a glitch lol, there are very fast people in ghost. Very competitive. The few that come are generally very quick. If you get a bunch of 1% and FRF it’s going to be hard to do well. You are right it is still fun and I wish more people would come to balance it out a bit. There are just too many choices to get lots of people. In H3 when you could not pick a specific class it was full of people (very early on) The second they changed it ghost died.

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