Curiosity got the better of me so this might be deleted but please read anyway.

Hello Forza fans and Turn10 … I have noticed that (particularly here in Europe) cars are changing to a more stable future with France, UK and other countries planning on banning Petrol and diesel cars from 2030 onward. which begs the question. WHY ain’t there more EV’s, Hybrids or Fuel Cell cars in the latest Forza Motorsport. We had the Leaf, Tesla Roadster and Tesla model S in Forza 4, Horizon2 and 3. (I am aware of Formula E and BMW i8 are in FM7) so why not here? surely a video game is the perfect way to advertise these important cars to the world. I would happily Allow Turn10 to use my own personal Honda Insight as a reference if they approached me but regaurdless. Rant over thank you for reading i can only hope something like the “Duracell car pack” will bring some of these to the Game.

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Because back when FM4 was released many of these cars were a novelty and seen as cutting edge.

However, 6 years on and we know these cars for what they are. RUBBISH!

They’re expensive, ponderous and in most cases far less economical than the vehicles they were intended to replace. I’m happy to be able to drive cars with pistons and rotors while they’re still in production. I can’t think of anything worse than creeping around Suzuka in a Prius.


Not only are they rubbish, but without the generous government dealer/consumer (TAXPAYER!) subsidies, these cars would’ve never seen the light of day. Not to mention, the carbon footprint they leave behind due to the complicated nature of the toxic battery disposal, far exceeds what a regular petrol powered vehicle puts out in their entire life time. AND… How do you suppose the electricity needed to charge these “green” vehicles is produced? Good old coal plants of course! Forza 7 has enough problems. Please don’t foist Priuses and other such PC vehicles on us too.


Ah, but what about a twin turbo V12 engine swapped Prius!

Because electric cars are boring.
Europe (and other greentards) aren’t pushing for electric cars because they’re fun or exciting.


I’ll just pick it up from here:

At the moment e/green cars are boring, especially those who arent tesla’s. Bút motorsports history started with boring and “regular” cars. It started/starts like that all the time. Hey lets race them, lets race your mercedes race truck/ford model T. Once motorsport picks up on the cars being raced the sporty versions come because people want those cars to race. Look at the hellcat, if nobody drag raced that car in the first place it wouldn’t exist right now!

Formula E has some exciting drivers competing which makes it a bit more fun but they don’t really cut it yet.
but the main thing, the audience/future buyer have to get excited for a car before the makers make them exciting and they have to appear in races before the good tech arrives to the models.

so actually I thing you’ve made a good call: BLAZ3R125

Zz…zzz…zz…that’s what you would hear in online ev racing if I were in the lobby.


From what I’ve heard that ban is not definite yet

if they ban ill leave europe… i hate that sleepy slow electric car…

What the guy above me said. I really wonder how do some people think they get the electricity to those cars. From the cable? =D

I’ll not bother to weigh on the debate other than to say it’s not nearly as simple as some posts suggest.

But boring is not a word to describe all electric/hybrid cars. Have none of you heard of the 918 Spyder? Car is an insane piece of technology from Porsche.

Yeah but still SOUNDS like crud

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Also very true.

It would be pretty cool to see cars with an internal combustion engine use a bio fuel like algae. You’d still get a nice engine note. But of course right now that technology is still pretty far away. I’d much rather give my money to some local algae refinery than one in the Middle East.

ive heard California is doing this too, and my thought on the matter is quite different. right now you don’t even have to be well off to be able to get a car and drive, but if they ban these kind of cars then only the better off will be driving. is this how they plan on fixing their horrible traffic problem?

California wants to be Europe so badly… they are adopting the Euro 4 and 5 emission standards basically forcomg the rules on the whole US.

And the problem with that is? I was in Cali a few weeks ago and was really impressed with the place, a lot more progressive and less stereotypical than the rest of the states.

Fuel economy is irrelevant to Forza.

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Just wait until you have to buy fuel with tokens…

No, the plan is to stop building NEW petrol and diesel cars, and from 2040, not 2030. But it is NOT a ban on petrol and diesel cars, ie. existing ones will continue to be legal to own and drive.

Please don’t shoehorn your political agenda into a video game discussion forum.