Cuda's Creations New stuff 2/12/15

Hello everybody! I have been painting for about a month now and I think its time to ask for your help.

Bigfoot talked me into doing a replica and I choose the #13 built by smokey.

smokey3 by driftgtrskyline, on Flickr

smokey2 by driftgtrskyline, on Flickr

smokey1 by driftgtrskyline, on Flickr

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Looks good. Pretty accurate replica job. Wish we had the 67/68 Camaro in the game instead. So, what kinda help you needing? Feedback? Another one you may wanna try is the white/red Jerry Titus Firebird. Have done that one myself. Your design looks good, keep em coming :slight_smile: Love to see more :slight_smile:

Feedback and a set of eyes other than my own. Im half way through the #46 SCA camaro driven by Frank Gardner in the 1973 RAC British Saloon Car Championship. I havent seen it done and thought it would be a good addition to the stables!

I made this a week or so ago and its a good way to show my style as its a little different.

Cokecuda1 by driftgtrskyline, on Flickr

Cokecuda2 by driftgtrskyline, on Flickr

Cokecuda3 by driftgtrskyline, on Flickr

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I like what you’ve put together so far…you’ve got a good eye for the details needed to make good and accurate replica’s. I’m looking forward to seeing some additional paints. With Bigfoot helping you out…you’re in good company for sure.

You are doing some very good work. Keep it up. I know you have a lot of good ideas. And if you need it, we are here to help.

Sorry I let this drop a bit I was working on fantasy paints to improve my overall skills. Here are my cars for the Deadlights Sunday series.

I had not seen a HAYS paint in a while so I looked up what they made and came up with this.
DLB1 by driftgtrskyline, on Flickr

This is the company I work for now and since I drive a horribly slow truck all at work I thought why not come and race a sick truck! lol
DLS1 by driftgtrskyline, on Flickr

very nice! I agree with Kool , your eye for detail is working well! I like the color combo on the Cuda!

I got some more race stuff in the works but I want to show these off.

dragvette1 by driftgtrskyline, on Flickr

Fdrift 1 by driftgtrskyline, on Flickr

M3power by driftgtrskyline, on Flickr

GN11 by driftgtrskyline, on Flickr

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check this link out cuda. may give you a couple more ideas. i just googled AAR cuda race car pics

Great looking designs Cuda… I’ll be buying some or all of them!!! Will be giving a rating of 5 stars as well!!!