Cross country limited choice of cars?

So when i tried playing cross country races with my custom built cars i noticed i am only allowed to choose the Ridgeline baja trophy truck, the Titan warrior and the Trailcat from my garage (i have several suitable buggies as well).
Even on stages i had already passed. I didnt have these issues with rally stages. Did i waste my time building custom cross country cars?

Just create your own blueprint. Voila, solved.

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It is amazing how many “Problems” I see posted here and on Reddit that are so easily solved by the Blueprint feature.


Oh well, that’s what the forums are for i guess, to ask questions, amongst other things. At least now he can go use his rally cars if he reads this :wink:

Its because the race is restricted to a particular division of car, in this case Extreme Off-road. As others have said, you can blueprint your own race to use the cars you want.

Trust me, get yourself one of the restricted vehicles and tune it for the proper class. The Ridgeline Baja is an awesome truck when tuned properly. Crazy fast in S1 but a bit hard to handle, lotta slamming hard on the breaks in some corners.
A class it’s a beast. I had no problems with it after I tuned it to my style. You can go the custom route, but then you really haven’t beaten the game, just what you designed to beat.

Most races in the game adjust their car restrictions to the car you drive up in by default. For whatever reason, the Cross Country events seem to have their default restrictions set in stone. But as mentioned, this is easily sidestepped with the blueprints.