Cross country is still just bad

I know rn the AI is a bit cheated and it need a fix, I saw AI cars doing absurd stuff but even without them I feel that cross country is still a Doomed mode for me, the jumps and the turns are just unfair… its completly random, I did a few races and Im sick already, you could brake perfectly to make the turn but you anyway see how your vehicle slides and goes straight to the end of the curve, eating all the trash, walls and fences slowing you down even more, like ice, meanwhile you can see the AI not only doing a perfect turn, but have with enough grip and power to say “bye bye” to you.

Now the jumps, no matter how I configure the car, the jumps are ***** annoying same it was on FH4, its really unfair to see you and all the AI jump at the same speed at the same height but wow… you fall in to the track like a rock, you lose all your speed and the rest of the AI goes like nothing… AI just dont care, dont care on road race dont care on cross country either. The number of jumps and bumps that make you lose speed is insane, this mode is the only reason I play with the AI at the lowest difficulty, just to complete that content and dont touch it again.

The start of the race btw looks unfair aswell, no matter how well you start, you always have 2 or 3 cars behind you that pass your vehicle like rockets, and well the ones in front of you is the same, no oportunity to pass them. On road racing if you have all wheel drive most of the time you can pass 2 or 3 vehicles, here¿? seems they have like 100% grip with spike tires, they fly away. Oh And Im playing rn on Specialist diff, dont want to touch higher difficulties till I learn more or less the map… Imagine this on Pro or Inv…


Use lower AI. AI won’t be fixed if it’s not broken.

Another case is AI is dynamic and could have much harder level.

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So things like this Is not considered broken? Because I see this kind of absurdities on cc as well. I dont care using low diff atm but in my opinion this should be fixed, it makes the game frustrating


It’s normal AI design, not broken.

That’s the same logic GM used in court… their crappy cars aren’t faulty, it’s just a bad design (but working as intended). They won too.

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It’s not bad design if every game uses it. You just can’t simulate real physics so you simulate some (probably not real either) around you and the rest is fantasy. It won’t change, maybe in M8 only.

There is nothing to fix because there isnt AI to start with, sadly.

But cross country has been and will be always a pain, and completely avoidable because the devs never bothered to make the drivatars
more realistic and fair.

Its like if they just drive in the same exact way in asphalt than in cross country lol. And its ridiculous.

Cross country is completely different, you have OBSTACLES, that dont affect the AI, you have WATER, that for the love of god, its ridiculous.
The water literally stops your car in the spot making you lose too much time while the AI drives through water like if its not there.

You have ramps that sometimes its a question of luck if you going to land correctly or your car is going to go on a barrel.
The AI, of course ALWAYS lands perfectly.

On top of all this, try this in unbeatable difficulty.

People did ask in FH4 soo many times for so many years to the devs to do something about cross country and the devs, the only thing they did
was to make it worst lol.

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Nitrous boosts in straights is not broken? It was called cheating in fh4 when players did it. If I played on the computer, I’d cheat too just to be able to compete with the AI in fh5.

Done all cc offline and won all of them on Pro difficulty part in B class, other in A class. I like the walls have been removed from turns. That said, those tracks are online nightmare given no ramming penalties. There are way too much opportunities to get race destroyed by some, Mike would probably call “player having fun with some bit of contact”

Tracks are long with lot of long ways down, lot of fun! Sad to play that only offline or rivals … :frowning:

One problem I had with cross country in FH5 which didn’t exist in FH4: there are now green flags all over the course, which are not significantly different in colour to the green used for the checkpoints. This caused me to miss, or nearly miss some checkpoints because I was momentarily confused where to go. Maybe it’s only me who has that problem, but I doubt it.


I had a problem with the green checkpoints I posted about it last week. So much green now they need a different colour.

Ive noticed that! Learning the track helps but I got caught out a few times early on.

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I wonder how it got missed during testing?

I bet they don’t change it!

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“Testing” now that’s the funniest thing I’ve read on herein a long time!!!


Yeah, building the biggest racing game is pretty easy. OMG…

The current devs are standing on the shoulders of giants with FH5. They didn’t code the game engine from the ground up, they’re just copy and pasting someone else’s hard work and tinkering at the edges.

A similar thing could be said about Western society for that matter. People far wiser and more industrious than the ones currently running our world, built everything we take for granted. The people currently at the controls are running it into the ground.


Sure, building map is easy, new sounds are easy, everything new is easy. Well, why nobody else can do it? Why Sony have only broken/barebone Gran Turismo? It’s easy, right? Some japanese guys could do it in two months.

What about Battlefield, is it OK? Everything works? What about working during pandemic? It’s excellent release and game.

It’s easy enough when you have Microsoft’s resources funding you, and three years to do it, especially when 90% of the hard work is already done (the game engine and basic framework of the menus and other systems). They aren’t curing cancer here.

I guess we shouldn’t complain about today’s overcomplicated unreliable cars either, because if you personally couldn’t build a car from the ground up yourself, then you have no right to complain!

Yeah, nobody else can do it. It’s much more complex than cancer cure. It’s a big SW project with hundreds of people. Almost impossible to build. Only R* could do it when they had people but they are dead for years.

Old tricks are still here: rocket boosters on straights, only player’s car gets damaged by jumps, once off the jump AI can fly.
But there is a new one: you land completely flat and are almost stopped on the spot after some jumps where AI just rides off without losing speed.

Gotta love cross country (I hate it since it’s introduction)