Cross-Country Austin Healey advice?

I’m struggling with the classic sports autumn series that’s on right now: I want to use the 1965 Austin-Healey 3000 like the one a family member rented on her honeymoon in Scotland, but I can’t figure out a tune that I can drive well enough to beat Expert drivatars. I can beat experts in other car classes (rally, street race) but the cross-country is stymying.

If I tune for acceleration, speed and HP, my car can’t slow down or corner well enough for the winding roads—I rocket off into the woods or slam into the wall after losing traction when I turn. If I use grippy tire compounds and AWD drivetrain I can corner like glue but can’t keep up. I’ve tried classes C, B, and A, and don’t know what I’m missing; I’m an upgrade newbie (basic understanding of torque, tire compounds and drivetrain, not a good handle on weight or power distribution yet) and need some pointers on balancing the parameters.

I’m therefore not looking for a full build, just advice: Anybody have any suggestions? Is there a particular class that would best let me balance these concerns without having the car be too fast/overpowered? (A classic car feels like it should be A or S+ to me…)

Read my beginner’s guide. It’s on springs, specifically, but once you get the weight distribution ratio down, you can do a lot of experimentation.

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