I don’t seem to be making credits from racing. I’m getting accolades and XP but no screen for credits and my counter doesn’t seem to be rising. Is this how PG planned it to be?

Yeah money is a bit slower in FH5.

It’s not a separate screen anymore, it just pops up when you return to freeroam.

I’ve seen it show briefly in free roam after a race. There’s white text with the total earned.

Pretty bummed they discontinued rewards. That was the main reason I got on And a big reason why I play so much of
The previous horizon. It was so nice having a huge bank account to spend all the time.

I was wondering if I was missing how to get the weekly cash reward in Horizon 5. Disappointing but money still accumulates pretty quick

Don’t buy cars yet unless you need them for Seasonals.

Your top priorities are the two houses that give you Fast Travel Anywhere and Double Forzathon Points. The 5,000,000 house gives you one Wheelspin every day you log into the game, but it’s not needed early on.

Get into the Hall of Fame ASAP. This will unlock the Trial and the final Story missions, which reward you with good cars.

Do Stories. There’s plenty of very useful cars to be won. If you have trouble, just brute force through with Rewind. The ones that give you the best cars are Lucha de Carreteras (various rally cars) and V10 (Jesko). (Obs.: Not really a spoiler since it tells you in the Accolades menu)

Interestingly enough, the complete Hall of Fame Accolade set gives you the Regera, but, by then, you should already have more than enough resources to buy one.

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Great info, NightDriver7800! Curious. When you say “This will unlock the Trial”, what type of event is that? I am in the Hall of Fame, but can’t seem to find that on the map.

Personally, I just think it sucks they don’t award credits (money) after races. When FH4 came out, they didn’t give VIP’s who bought the Ultimate Edition any bonus $$, and we all complained, so they added it. It feels like they did away with earning money (or at least the screen showing the money) so they bonus thing for VIP’s would go away too.

I guess this just means I’ll have to use my wheels pins as they come in in FH5. I think I have about 400-500 regular Wheelspins stored that I’ve never opened (ran out of room in my garage), and probably about 150 Super Wheelspins. (I don’t even remember how many millions of dollars I have in FH4. LOL

This game isn’t really all that hard to get anything. I am like a 1* 60 in the game with 200+ cars and over 20m in the bank with about 1200 skill points to use. It’s just about what you do with your time and how you do it. You can literally screw around all day doing mundane things and a few things, or you can grind down and do 50 laps of Goliath and actually drive it and net yourself a few million credits, over 100 wheel spins and maybe a super wheel spin or two. That’s the great thing about this game, it is what you make of it so do whatever you want. If you are strapped for cash and have a few cars laying around in your garage, check the mastery to see what is inside of them. There are a lot of cars that have free xp and different spins inside that can give you a good boost in just about anything, cars, cash, clothing, ect. Once you build yourself a nest egg, see what else you can do. For a little bit I was buying delorians at 40K and selling them for 100K for a quick 60K profit. You can also find other cheap cars that you can get pretty easily and turn around and give them a good flip on the auction house. If you don’t want to flip cars, try your hand at the paint or tune shop to try to add a small profit every time that you log in. I have probably earned almost 20K just from that over the past few days. And if all else fails, just drive around and do things. Just doing that alone can give you skill points and can earn you some XP. XP turns into wheel spins when you level.

AND, if you still can’t think of much else to do, look at the car list and see what you can buy that is pretty easy to fill out so that you can get the rewards for filling all of those out for the easy ones. For instance, the Jeep Willy. Just spending 40K on that will give you the reward for the collection, 7K xp from spending 1 mastery point, and spend just 4 more points will earn you a Super Wheel spin. Just some food for the thought.

Don’t skill points top out at 999?

I was wrong, you do get money after as race, it is just not shown. I did Goliath got about £100000 for it, but had to add it up myself.

Credits are added, just check your Cr balance before the race and after.
There is a short msg about Cr when you get back to free roam, but it’s usually masked with other msgs, or loading takes a bi longer and you miss it.
Not sure why game has this fixation on Xp that means nothing and actually important main thing is gone - Cr earned at the end.

If you’re lucky you get this lil notification. I almost never see it exiting the race, but see them when doing stories.

Is that XBox? I never get that message…

EDIT oh stories… You confused me. Yes I get it in stories. that’s completely different though.

As mentioned above the race payout shows after the race once back in free roam. It seems to be hit or miss sometimes though. Maybe I just haven’t noticed it. The credits in this game do pile up quick. I’ve hit 100k to 250k on wheel spins so many times I’ve lost count. I just depleted my credits buying all the Porsche models to unlock the 911 FE and by the next day had over 5 million credits stacked up again. Now if only we could spend those Forzathon points on something…

I usually see it after races as well. If I am dropped into free roam in a spot where the race entry is on the screen I will see the CR after driving away. Xbox one x.

The thing is though, if they took it out it means it was bugged, so it is still on my bug list. It’s required to be done properly, I mean you need to see the advantage of each car, especially the Morris Minor FE.

Yes, I agree completely that is at best a bad design choice from the end user perspective. I don’t understand why they chose to remove the breakdown after a race. We need CR for cars in the auto show, we need CR for cars the auction house. We need CR for parts. In FH4 it seemed to show for such a short period of time that I often recorded game clips to see it.

Just like dropping the count of “liveries” we have saved…

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I think they removed the notification to avoid the VIP complaints. When FH4 came out, they didn’t include the extra earning credits for VIP (Premium edition) at the end of races, and we all complained, so they added it back in. I think they didn’t want to give double credits to VIP’s again, so they just got rid of the end of race notification. That’s my guess anyway.

I take it you can actually slip out of the hall of fame though because I got into it initially then I didn’t play for 3 or 4 days and found myself out of it and couldn’t do the trial?

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I’ve seen a few people mention “the trial”. I am in the Hall of Fame, but I don’t see where the trail is. Do you know what kind of race is it and where is it? Thanks!