Credits? What's happened as I can't earn any unless I do short races?

Hi I cannot seem to see anyone else suffering from this.

Since the last patch I cannot earn credits on endurance style races. I recently did 10 laps on the nurgburgring and 50 laps on two other tracks. Heading into numerous hours. I am using the Acura Forza Edition with expert AI and I earn nothing. This is completed in the single player free play.

Has something changed? Meaning that you have to have certain settings on or off?

Ps one thing I’ve noticed is that the free play menu screen that lists CR states +0% and the XP states +0. This happens no matter what settings I change. However please understand I am a VIP holder with 100% Cr bonus and using the Acura with 40% bonus but neither of these show. I dare not use mods as I’ve seen numerous people complaining that these are not working.

Please help
Any advice would be grateful


Well I know freeplay is working as I have done over 100 laps today it could be tied to the ammount of time you are taking limit races to less than 1 hour 50 laps on Daytona will net you 88,000 plus any bonuses of up to 600%,. 100% Drivtar, 100% VIP, Ford Escort FE 100% at night 3 x 100% mod cards. using this method I earn about 1,100,000 per hour of racing. on lap takes 40s. Using timed race not a good idear at the moment as you do not get the Drivtar bonus this has been reported several times.

If you are concerned about using Unbetable Drivtatr dont be go to advanced settings in freeplay and set up Buckets x2 1st one is you set car to any thing second bucket Drivtar set to lower level than your car Eg with Escort it has a R class when maxed out so I set the second bucket to S class. go to the next tab this is bucket settings set number of cars to 1 and 1 go to next tab and set number of drivers to 23 and 23 then go and race and enjoy the win and the credits.

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