Credits not working since I registered to forza rewards

I just got the game and have been playing it and i got on the forza rewards last night and today i got on forza and it did a race in free play and the credits were 0 and the ranking and stuff stayed put it’s doing it everytime i play a race in free play.

you have to finish the race to get credits. if you set it for 50 laps and quit at 49 laps its a dnf, no credits. you need to fisish and let the scene play out where the car rolls up from 3 angles then the credit and xp counters go thru their thing. and it has to be a car you own from your garage. rentals dont pay nor does hireing a driver. if you are finishing the races do a hard reset to clear them memory. hold your finger over the power button on the console until it fully shuts down. not the controler, not the connect, that puts it in sleep mode it does not shut it down and clear the memory. after a couple of minuets turn it back on, it will take longer than normal to boot back up because it has to fully reload everything from scratch. some times a glitch or error gets saved to the memory so you have to get the memory cleared to clear the error.

So i’ll lose everything that i earned? And thanks for it i’ll try that.

Hard boot clears temp memory, not all memory.