Credits much harder to earn

Is it me, or do we get way less credits for races compared to FM6? No double credits for vip except wheel spins, and even those dont award anything past like 100k? Im not necessarily complaining about it, itll just take longer to earn cars. Are there any tricks to making more? Is it because of the auction house?

I had 4m, then 2m, then 3.5m again, then 2.5m, now 3m. So no…

People pls scroll down, this is total money going up and down. Not wheelspins, the game would break if these would be wheelspins.

Ive watched a few youtube vids showing wheelspins, and they both look like mine. Nothing over 75k, I think. Not sure how youre getting those…


Sorry I meant that as total money, I think the most I’ve got was 400k out of one, not completely sure. Otherwise 200k.

sure ya did guy

The thread is two pages… please educate yourself if it’s only two pages… sigh I’ll just edit that post.


I don’t think he means from the spins, I think he means his total CR moving up and down as he was spending and earning.

Lol I done it again. Let’s make this post worthwhile then, I believe the game with wheelspins has a fairly good balance. It gets my face happy when I see a 200k win, but it’s not like I don’t feel worthy of earning as it’s not too much. The balance between VIP and non-VIP remains to be seen, but I think they did a fairly good job.

My last few were 5k, 30k, etc. I dont think I have million dollar spins on my wheel. Most Ive won was 70k, I think, and Im a level 20 or so.

I think its a good thing

Forza 6 … horizon 2 …forza 5 they were way too easy to get and credits meant nothing after about a month


Yea I guess its not a bad thing. Im just used to doing 5 races and buying 5 cars hah

I really prefer the prior games credits method to this one, i don’t get to play often as many others would, so more credits has always been good for me.

Especially with the car prices being higher again


At least it will keep you busy for a while getting new cars and such.

Considering how high the prices are on the cars, I think the payout should be better. I like this game but not enough to play it seven hours a day, just my opinion. Feels like grinding again.


The prices are fine. If you think doing a couple races and wheel spins for nearly any car in the game is a grind, you need to play Warframe or any JRPG. It literally takes an hour or two to get 2m credits.

If you play the game you’ll earn plenty. You don’t need to grind for credits. No sense in being dramatic.

I’ve barely played over the past few days and am only around level 20 and have 1 million credits even after blowing a bunch on car upgrades for multiple cars I’m tuning.

The game is pretty fun anyways and with blueprint you can change the event to suit what cars you have available. This feature alone will save you a bunch without realizing it because you’re making the events more fun for you. It’s brilliant!

Then you can go to auction house and find many deals. I bought 80k worth of cars for less than 15k.

These two things alone saved me a lot and I had fun in the process. Go figure?

I think it is a good. I don’t know what to do with 35 millions in FH2

Daily drivatar reward are better, and may be even better starting 27th.
Weekly Forza reward is good too (at least for me with Tier 9)

I am now quite stable with around 1 million crédits, but that’s true I played a lot and got a 2*100.000 wheel spin

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I like it this way much better! I want to really have to EARN whatever cars I want.


Nope. Not at all.

For wheelspins, the highest is 100k, 200k for those who have VIP.

Yes, you’ll have a harder time earning credits unless you can bring down the assists…
Note that you can earn credits (and fans) a bit easier by recruiting others in your Drivatar lineup. As you progress into the game, you’ll meet better players with better stats.