Credits/Influence Rewards place saying I finished 3rd when I finished 1st for all 3 races in champio

This had happened to me quite a few times, the credit or influence reward menu would say I finished 3rd when I finished 1st! The list that appears at the end of the race shows I’m first, and I got all 60 points for the championship. I am playing solo for the championship so it shouldn’t be a lag issue.


Your difficulty isn’t high enough.

The requirements are usually as follows:

Place 3rd against x Drivatars

Place 2nd against y Drivatars

place 1rst against z drivatars.


Highly skilled is usually the highest it’ll go outside of the trial.

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I play with Unbeatable all the time

Then I would suggest that you contact support.

But fact that it took you 7 months to write again, might suggest its not much of a problem to you?

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