Credits help..

Can someone help me out with Credits?

As far as I know, there’s no gifting in FM7.

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Are you begging

Easiest way to get credits is to actually play the game and not look for handouts

There are a few threads like this about too which are for you to help yourself

According to your gamertag you havent even played fm7
How about playing first before begging

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Don’t forget about Forza Rewards!

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So lets see you have a gamer score of 10 with this Gamer Tag So how about playing the game before you star looking for credits . Or is your actual GT under suspension from posting for what ever reason.

When ever I see a Gamer Tag score as low as yours my brain screams scammer scammer beware block them block them now. Especial when they are wanting something besides a co-op partner for games like Destiny and Horizon, type games where some times you need a co-op partner to achieve the game goals.

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