Credits for Charity, Raising money 4 Gamers Outreach.I Will give Millions in credits for donations.

There is a fundraiser going on right to raise money for kids stuck in hospitals fighting for their lives. The money is used to make Hospital Approved gaming Carts for these kids. Go Watch/Follow/Host SplitDaWig on Mixer. I will Give you 1 Million in game Forza Horizon Credits for every dollar donated. I will also Donate a Million if you follow, and another Million for Hosting. 6mil if you subscribe.

I have 3+ Billion credits to give away being a Legend Tuner. Please help these kids. Imagine if you were in a Hospital. I will hook you up if you hook up these kids. Only 3 hours left. Lets Show these PUBG FORTNITE player the how the Forza players can represent.



In your message, just say BIGRED sent me For the Kids

This is no joke fellow Forza Racers, I will double it now. Double everything you see above. Just Say Forza and Bigred Sent me. I will hook you up.

Over :frowning: