Credit hacker

The same person keeps modding credits and abusing the auction house over and over again. They have been banned multiple times now and just keep creating new profiles. Old profile was [Mod edit- fyerball] and was banned. Now their new profile is [Mod edit- fyerball] They put up Ferrari 250 GTOs for 1,000 and over 100,000,000 buyout in the hopes someone slips up and buys out. Which seems ok. But, when the auction is about to end and no one has slipped up, they buy the car with another profile [Mod edit- fyerball] and then presumably gift it back to themself**[Mod edit- fyerball]**to try again. It is with this [Mod edit- fyerball] profile that I am sure is being credit hacked. To those who surf the auction house, BEWARE of this individual.

GT: M16phenom

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