Credit and XP reward formula

Hello all,

Could someone please point me to where I can find the formula for (base) credit and XP rewards for participating in various events such as the circuit, free play, rivals, and so forth, and how it is dependent (or not) upon things such as # of driveatars (if any), difficulty settings, number of laps, place you come in, and so forth? Obviously the driveatar difficulty and assists figure into the bonus on top of the base, and VIP doubles the base, so it’s all base driven.

It seems in Free play a lap is worth 1,200 XP regardless of the rest of it with 23 driveatars, and in rivals it is 1,000 up to about 15 laps (didn’t try more) regardless of if you beat your rival.

I would however love to know all the formulae if someone has a pointer. I have never successfully gotten online (despite a 200mbps internet link) so I am just playing all the other parts.


It goes by how long a lap takes. Basically, the longer the track the more you get, except for ovals.

So track length and average speed?

Interesting question…does anyone know the facts sans speculative opinion? Or is the answer to this question just another Forza dark secret?

I’m going with dark secret.

Yup…in light of copious speculate opinion…a secret it is!

it has never been laid out, but people have worked out parts through trial and error. For example xp per lap has been figured out for each track and variation. It is a distance thing. For example Nurburgring full with the GP circuit is 12,000 xp per lap but Nurburgring without GP is 9,300 xp. The lowest xp is Long beach West Route at 540 xp per lap. This is in free play but it seems to hold in endurance showcases and in career

The CRs earned from racing is so small compared to what you get from the spins. After racing ill probably get 10 k CRs… Then you spin and on average i prabably get about 300k.

XP given is based on lap lenght with Nordschleife+GP giving 12 000 XP per lap and Long Beach West giving 540 XP per lap. Daytona Tri-oval gives 410 XP for one lap but 44 000 XP for 50 laps, so it seams that the longer you race the more XP per you get. If you do 50 laps on Nordschleife+GP with 3 100% XP mods you will get 2 320 000 XP.

Credits payouts appear to be given in a similar fashion but factors like VIP, Drivatar difficulty, assists used and credit mods can further increase the credits payout. The base credits payout is calculated the same way as XP and doubled with VIP, and further increased by the other factors mentioned.

Not really, there is a cap of 300K XP, which you get with 26 laps on Nurburg+GP


XCG Toninho, have you done a 50 lap Nordschleife+GP race to support your post of “incorrect”? It has been established that the cap for base xp (prior to mod cards) is 300,000. 26 laps = 312,000 base xp and since the cap is 300,00 it drops the extra 12,000. Since you only need 372,000 xp to get to level 25 affinity starting at level 0, any xp over 372,000 is wasted as far as affinity. I have gotten max affinity for 20 manufacturers doing either 10 laps with 2 100% mod cards (360,000 xp) and then a single lap race for the extra 12,000 or I do a 20 lap race with one 60% card, which wastes 12,000 xp but gets you to level 25 in one go.

If going for driver level you could do 26 laps with 3 100% driver cards and it would result in 1,200,000 xp for driver level. Anything that generates more than 300,000 base xp is inefficient.