Creative Hub Statistics Annoyingly Lacking

I’d like to know if Playground / Turn 10 have any intention of fixing the statistics in the Creative Hub. Specifically, the fact that you can’t enter “My Tunes”, and then see right in the grid how many downloads or likes a tune has. Instead, you have to enter a specific car, and go through a multitude of clicks to see that for a specific tune. Then, back all the way out and do it (in my case) 250 different times for the 250 different car tunes. It seems to me that you should be able to see the number of downloads and likes right in the panel for the specific tune in the grid. Or, have a pop up when you hover over one.

Also, i find it very irritating that you can’t see your star rating accurately either. I’ve been told that the star ratings become accurate if you’re over level 10 as a tuner. I’m about level 6, and so have a way to go yet. But, with 250 tunes out there that I’ve done, it would be nice to see the representations accurately. I’ve coordinated with other people on my team and if they are in a vehicle and look for tunes, they can see my tunes with an accurate star rating intact. It doesn’t seem to make much sense to not allow the author of the tune to see the star rating.

Anyway, just a couple annoyances that irritate me to no end on a daily basis and I wanted to see if the team had any plans of making these statistics less cumbersome.

Thank you!

I agree with you, the creative hub stuff is really buggy. In my case, my friends can’t find my blueprints anymore. That kinda sucks ;(.

Post a support ticket!

I did…

Also the messages don’t keep up with the number of downloads that you are getting. I got about 200 downloads in 24 hours, but the messages added up to about 50.

You should get a reply in a few months with some generic copy’paste message saying thanks for the suggestion and that they’ve now closed your ticket.

I’ve learned to not expect any significant changes to anything requested. Maybe with FH5. LOL

Send a ticket.