Creative Hub rewards not added to credits

My rewards for the design downloads are not added to my credits. It happened several times now and I don’t know how many millions I already lost, because the message gets deleted after claiming the reward.
That really sucks.

Anyone else with that problem?

Edit: uploaded a video to my Xbox account.

When you go to messages you have to redeem credits from there.

That’s what I’m talking about.
When I redeem the reward, nothing gets added to my credits…

Yep. I turned the game on this morning and pressed A to get my 3.9 million credits and they weren’t added. 3 hours later I closed and reopened the game to find 700k in my messages, again they were again not added when I pressed A.

Frustrating to say the least when I’m losing 10-15 million credits a day

Same. Livery design rewards are not adding, but tunes/vinyl groups are

It looks like you’ve skipped over the PLEASE READ thread pinned above. Reminder: Support does not track the forums for reported issues. Please help the team log these issues by submitting a ticket per the instructions and confirm that you have done so.

I already opened a ticket, was just curious if anyone else has the same problem…

Forza support answered with this message:


Forza Hub is retiring and we are no longer actively working on any fixes. …


Same problem and I have a topic here about this as well because I didn’t see this one. I also see as usual with all Forza games download counter doesn’t work on vinyls. I have lots getting downloaded but I can’t tell which ones. As a painter I like seeing which ones players like and which ones they don’t. I’m not a tuner but I saw someone here has same complaint about tunes not showing download counter. How is stat collecting so hard for these games to get right?

I’ve had the same issue since friday. Like an idiot, I tried again to collect a payout of 7.8 mil today, to get nothing. My total loss now is roughly 16.5 million credits.