Creating a Forza Motorsport website - Copyright query

Good afternoon Everyone,

Essentially, I am looking for information from someone regarding copyright policies and the like, from the perspective of Turn 10 Studios.

A little background: I have been a Forza Motorsport fan all the way back to Forza Motorsport 2. I have played and still own each game since FM2 and have always approached gaming, therefore Forza Motorsport and Horizon series’, with an analytical drive as opposed to a competitive drive or other motivation.

As I have a general tendency to break everything down to its component parts, I thought building a website with this information to share with others might be a nice endeavour. It would perhaps picture each car, available colours, eligible racing categories, class, etc., maybe other pages of the site could show stats on the tracks, an overview of all of the ‘numbers’ sort of stuff.

Leading me to my question on copyright. The website would of course be built in support of the things that Turn 10 are including in their games and useful perhaps as a guide to use alongside the game for those who are that way inclined but I assume there is a process to request permission from the necessary parties or maybe this isn’t even possible just for a person at home, not running as a business. Has anyone had first hand experience of this?


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