Create Vinyl Group menu option freezes game


A little context. I was lucky enough to purchase a series x at retail. The version that you can run on the series x is the xbox one x enhanced version of the game. When I attempt to create a new vinyl group in the paint and customize menu it instantly freezes my game and boots me to the dashboard. When I try to reload the game my save data does not load. I always have to do a hard reset on my series x to get it to work correctly. I booted the game up on my Fiancées xbox one s and went to create a vinyl group and it loads just fine. My question is is there a way to play the non xbox one x enhanced version of the game on the series x or am I SOL?


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iI too am having the same issue with my series x as well the game freezes up when you try to create a vinyl group , I also have to do the same a hard reboot to play the game after it freezes . I’m glad I’m not the only one having this problem with forza 7 motorsport . I hope they fix this issue it’s quite annoying .

This is a disappointing development :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I’m curious, are you still able to import vinyls/designs from FM7 to H4 on the Series X?

I’ve just tried it. There seems to be no issue importing vinyl groups or designs from FM7 to FH4. The only issue I’ve found was from the OP.

Cheers mate, appreciate the reply :+1:t5:

Oh well, at least that’s one positive I suppose. I don’t play FM7 anymore but have relied on this editor to paint and import to Horizon as that editor is horrendously slow (on Xbox One X).
So it would seem if I want to carry on like that I will have to paint in FM7 on the 1X then buy a Series X so that I can import to H4…… once we’re out of lockdown… and the shops reopen… and they get restocked… Bennett!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

This is still an issue as of now. I am able to import old groups from previous games. These forums are full of FM7 bug reports, and not a word from the devs to explain how or when these bugs will be fixed. It’s pretty annoying considering it’s supposed to be a Triple-A title. And unacceptable considering these reports are dated from a year ago plus.

I don’t believe this issue will ever be resolved since this game is EOL which is a huge disappointment. If they fix one issue then the floodgates open to the other issues. They pretty much cut their losses with this title.

Nope, you’re gonna have to do that on your Fiancées Xbox One S or play the PC version. I tried creating a vinyl group and it crashed to the point my Series X shut itself off.

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my xbox series s is doing the same thing

As of 7/21/21 this issue appears to have been resolved! Thank you T10 for finally fixing this issue!

I got a series x on 30/12/21. I wanted to adjust a vinyl group but sadly the game crashed as soon I selected the design. It seems this is a year long problem that has yet to be resolved

My series x is doing it too.

So, nothing?

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My Series X just started doing this.

My Series X crashes as well. No problems on One X.
Tried reinstalling and downloading my save from the cloud.
Doesn’t change anything. Game still crashing when trying to enter the vinyl editor.

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I also have this issue. Sadly Turn 10 will not be fixing this issue as they have stopped all support for this title almost 4 months ago. However, there is a way around this. If you haven’t found out already, create your vinyl on a car and save said vinyl to your library. This is the only way I know of to be able to create or edit vinyls that I have found.

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This problem is still happening even today. ( still nothing from turn 10) The only way around it ive found is to install Forza 6, create the vinyl on there and then import it to 7. I dont understand why it allows you to do so on 6 but not 7. It is a long winded way of doing it i admit. Anyway hope this helps.