Create Private Match

It appears that one now needs to have a friend in a pre-Lobby in order to create a Private Match. Is this correct?

As a race series organiser this is extremely limiting, I can’t even see what are the options to customise said Lobby. And then on the days of the races I need to wait for one of them to come help open the Lobby, instead of preparing it upfront and then inviting everyone.

Extremely disappointing if this is a feature of the game and not just a bug.

Edit: After getting a friend to help out investigate the lobby I get a “Game server allocation failed” message… :frowning:



It’s so disappointing you can’t even create your private lobby to have fun with friends.
I’m having the same problem tried lots of times without success allways the same message “Game server allocation failed”.
Hope they’re sorting this out ASAP.

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Same problem here, me and 2 of my friends tried one after another to create a private lobby. We all got the same “Game server allocation failed.” error message.

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Same here for myself and 2 friends… unable to create private matxh, all open NAT. We all bought this ultimate edition to play together… And can’t…

Also, the switching to game chat is incredibly frustrating… hope that is a bug that will be fixed and not a deliberate design decision.

Also, agree completely regarding the poor user experience to have to have another player in lobby before creating private match.

Very disappointing.

Same here, even had made a forum topic here before this one, what’s the point in making new ones for same issues over again? :slight_smile:

Same here, we could not get a private race going this weekend

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Same here.
My friend and me could not get a private race.
Please trun10 fix this problem.
This is one of the reasons that i play Forza.

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More annoying that the Private Match not working is needing a friend to be in the same lobby to check that said Private Matches are not working! This restriction needs to be removed, it is simply not workable.

I’m having the same problem here, can’t create the lobby, it shows the message “Game server allocation failed”

Does anybody know when we can start creating private lobby’s? Very annoying…

I’ve managed to create one, so they’ve must have done something. Give it another try.

Still need the 2nd person though.

And can’t find an option that allows me to select a Rolling Start, it is only giving me the option of Standing Start.

I’ll let you know when I can even load the game from the menu screen on my xbox. It loads infinitely and I can’t continue.