Create a Team doesn't work!

Hey guys.
My problem is, I can’t set up a Team for the Team Adventures. I do have an own Horizon Club, so every time I wanna create a new “Team” I get a notification: The Horizon Server are unavailable, please try later. OR it says I can’t have more clubs and have to leave some before joining a new one.
I just have 5 Clubs in Xbox that I’m in… I also tried leave my Horizon Club and than create a Team, that didn’t work aswell.
So I’m here asking: What’s the problem here?
Is it really me being too stupid, or does the game wanna frustrate me more and more?
Don’t get me wrong, I love the Forza brand, but some lil problems making it difficult to stay calm sometimes.

For example: that “Wah Wah Wah Wahh”-Horn from the wheelspins! I won that twice but still under my horns it’s still locked! Those tiny problems are a bit annoying.

Hope I can get some resolutions on that whole Team thing.

Greetz InSane

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3 days? Nothing?
Maybe anyone with a solution, or ppl having similar issues!?
I really would like to get that working :confused:

I reccomend posting your issue on - Redditors can reply very quickly.

Absolutely right about that horn. I’ve won it 3 times on spins and yes its still locked