Crashing when saving after upgrade December 3rd update

I’m getting the spinning wheel and the game hangs after buying upgrades at the screen that says saving about 75% of the time since the December 3rd update. Did not ever have this issue one single time previously. And I have every car in the game and over 100 of them upgraded. You guys should start a pool on if you can add more bugs on an update than you take away. I mean we know which direction that’s going. but you know let’s turn it into some fun since it sucks for the rest of us that actually are trying to play the game.

Pretty sure they already know about the issue because the forum is flooded with discussions like yours (also made a ticket about it in support, I hope I’m not the only one).
Just to add what’s wrong at the moment:

  • the infinite save loop you mentioned, when changing car color, when applying tuning, when exiting photo mode
  • load takes 10x longer when returning to free ride after race
  • controller not responding when exiting a location (house/festival)