Crashing when loading into events

I got the game about a week ago when I upgraded to Windows 10 and it worked great! I played about half of the events and now every time I attempt to load an event when the pictures of the track show up with the track title the music will stop and a second or two later the app will crash to the desktop. I’ve read that this happens on machines with 8GB of RAM and 2GB Graphics Cards but I’m running it on my custom built PC with 16GB RAM and a GTX 970 (4GB card). I found the crash files and the exception is:

Exception Code: 0xC0000005
Exception Information: The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.

I tried deleting the game from my computer and redownloading it and I was able to run 1 free play race and then began having the same issue.

If anyone knows of a fix it would be greatly appreciated as I only got to make it half way through the events!

Just finished uninstalling and reinstalling yet again and having the same issue. I can play the first free play race with a random car and track already selected but when I complete that race and try to change anything the loading screen will pop up for the track and then game will crash.

Can anyone help…


Please post your dxdiag info file for full system info. …(how to)

I’ve thrown it all on Pastebin since its so long didn’t want to clutter up the post



Downgrade to this driver version, and try it again …

Tried it and it didn’t work for me, starting to think its hopeless and I should just hope for the best that Horizon 3 will work properly on my computer