crashing to home screen

How many people have this problem. your in a lobby with your pals, after a couple of races sometimes more your booted to xbox dashboard. And another thing again your playing with friends and a idiot joins and wall rides or just waits and wrecks the leader…you get back to lobby after race and vote to kick. and your booted to dash again… this is getting annoying.

so does this happen to everyone? I know my pals are suffering with this also…


Yes, Happening to me also. nobody seems to have a fix for it yet except for the standard power down and re boot

Try holding the X button on the console for about five or 10 seconds to shut the system down. Then unplug the power adapter at the back of the console for about three minutes. Plug the power back in, turn the Xbox One back on to reset the console. You should get a green screen for a minute or so, followed by a black screen with the Big X during the reset.