Crashing at Playground Games logo

I have never played a Forza game before and decided to download demo. I got it downloaded and started the game and as soon as it gets to the Playground Games logo it crashes and gives me no error or anything. What I do not get is all mt other games play perfect but a game made by windows will not even start. Well I am not buying this POS. if it will not even start. By the way there are a lot of people having starting problems would be nice to see some real support on here to help the people having problems. No way I am buying this in the current state it is in. Real game breaking when you can not even get the game to start. 28gig demo that does not work,what a waste of time.

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I have same issue
Seems to be possibly related to sound/ sound card drivers. (may be creative X-Fi).
My spec Ryzen 5 2600, 16Gb RAM, RX580, Creative X fI platinum, Win 10 64bit

First, before the game loading up said i didn’t have the latest drivers, so i downloaded the latest one from Radeon, but now it crashes just before the playground logo lights up.
No warnings, no error messages

You’ve played 18 hours of Apex, any problems with that Forza game?

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Same issue here, fm7 and horizon 3 works fine. Disabling all sound devices gets me to the game, but no sound:/

Seems to be a common problem. The developers are losing a lot of good will. The support is worse than useless.

Out of interest guys are you using hdmi or displayport?

Same thing happening to me. The demo just had an update, but this issue still persists.

Yeah, I’m getting this error too and I have no idea what the deal is.

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I read somewhere that dolby atmos for headphones might be the cause of the crashing on the playground games logo. If you purchased it and have it enabled, simply disable it and start the game again.

This fixed it for me…but still no audio.