Crashes during Series 2, can't play game anymore

I have already created a ticket and somehow I suspect I’m not the only one having this problem. I created this thread to see if any others are experiencing what I am experiencing.

My game used to be fairly stable before Series 2. I think I can count on one hand the amount of times my game has crashed (PC, WinStore). Yet, 10 minutes into Series 2 and I crash out of the game, for me to then restart it to find out every single time I’ve sat through the initial loading screen, it crashes. I can’t get into the game anymore.

yeay it crashes more now than before the “fix” its like a 50/50 chance the game will crash either before or after a race, add all the bugs and it starting to get really annoying.

same problem, i can’t get into the game anymore. (series x)

started the game, did a few things, chose fast trip home and during loading the game crashed. i had 9 points collected. started game again and it showed me that I have 0 points. wanted to leave the house and the game crashed again. since then it crashes after the start screen.

also, i was 6 points short on series 1 (arcade & buged dailys). where I started series 2 today it showed me that I was missing 18 points. someone with the same problem?

I started getting this yesterday before the new series. Unless loading starting an event. Terrain not loading and locking everything up. All the drivatars are the same car as you. Crashing trying to start an event. Crashing trying to load in to the open world after launching the game.

Same problem, game crashes almost every time when loading on PC since the season change.

Seems Glitchier than usual…ice rink missing everything bar the ice, the Wonderland at Mulege being invisible, display suddenly becoming almost pitch black. Combine that with all the new issues they have introduced and it’s safe to say quality control, testing and pride in work have left the building…nobody can be proud of this game (well, except the bean counters counting the profits it has made). Makes me want to sell my Xbox and never play video games again.

I’m on a PC. My game crashed 4 times loading or as soon as my car appears today. Finally was able to play on the 5th attempt.

Damn frustrating especially when the treasure chest challenge is bugged and won’t work.

I would say enough is enough. :smiley:

After an hour or so I had a successful startup and I was able to play again. Eventually, a later startup had the same crash again. I restarted it right away and that time I succeeded in playing the game again. Seems like a coinflip now. The funny thing is, my ticket has been marked as solved without any input by support, lmao. YEP marking it solved means it’s solved YEP.

Same here. Used to run fine (as long as I launched as Admin). Crashes on startup now.

I may have found a fix for PC:

At the second screen (the one with Start/Options/exit), go into option and change the graphics preset, then change it back (no need to exit/save inbetween). In my case I just changed it from Custom to Extreme, then went and changed everything back to maximum settings. Then back out and hit start… voila, game loads.

This has worked 4 times in a row for me when I couldn’t get the game to start without crashing otherwise.


I did this when I started crashing again and that did indeed work, for some startups. The same happened when I updated graphics drivers; fine for a little while, then back to crashes with a little bit worse than coinflip odds, I think. I can’t seem to rid the game of crashes entirely, it’s really annoying. My game was completely fine before Series 2. I’m gonna try lowering my graphics settings now (edit: I can now not so happily report this did not work). I think I had a similar crash when loading in a race and I think it has got to do something with loading the overworld and maybe placing data in memory.

It’s also kinda stupid the Windows Store nor the Xbox App have a “Check game integrity” option. Unless I’m mistaken. Please tell me if I am.

I’m having the same problem. Ever since S2 went live with their update, it will not start. Very unfortunate and hope they can remedy it. I got it to work for a while on S2 by deleting the game and redownloading it but that isn’t really a long term solution given the 100+gb game size…

Yeah I have reinstalled the game overnight. Will report if I have any crashes. And probably if I experience zero crashes today.

I’ve getting the same problem. I’ve tried logging support requests like the sticky post here tells us to, but they are closed straight away automatically, no communications from the support team at all. Tried everything in that article, disabling various software, starting in various ways, uninstalling fully and reinstalling, no luck. Clearly a major issue here with this build of the game, would be nice if they acknowledged it and addressed those of us with this issue.

Reinstall did the trick for me as I couldn’t get into the game yesterday though I tried it about 200 times for about 3 hours. Seems I had a corrupted savegame and the reinstall forces the game to synchronize again.


Bro if this means it’s all gone I’m straight up refunding and never playing Forza again.

Edit: after a restart and a long sync I got my profile back. Guess what didn’t leave though.


Even crashed loading a test drive.

Looks like the latest update fixed the loading issues for me. I don’t understand how some of these updates get pushed to begin with.