Crash when tunning

Can someone confirm this? Want to know if is a games problem or its on my end. I was tunning the 2006 evo, and the moment I select (not even clicking) the rally tires, the game freezes for a moment and then crashes everytime, tried 3 or 4 times, first I though it was a random crash… but I did replicated.

Nope, happening here too. More often bumpers and spoilers for me, but has happened once on tyres, if you go in and out of them too fast, ie checking the difference between them etc, it’ll start stuttering and crash about 10 seconds later

I mostly crash out when I’m going through the rims, sometimes the list of rims locks up and crashes even before I get the option to look through them. As you said the game stutters a bit then locks up and crashes out to desktop and this happens very often.

I also have this issue, though exclusively when swapping between “Bodykit” and “No Bodykit” on cars that have that specific option. I’ve successfully recreated the crash over a dozen times.