Cracked windshield on Audi

Bought the 09 Audi RS6, went to cockpit view and couldn’t help but notice the windshield (my game anyway) had a strange crack in it, anybody else seeing this??? O_O

Will check mine out later today mate and let you know a sap.

I know thet dome cars can show reflections of dash tops.

Which at times, can look like lines or marks in the windscreen.

My tip is for now, don’t focus on it, look through it and you’ll find it won’t bother you as much.

Just like a camera doesn’t see the fly screen or the wire fencing if the lens is place near or on the wire.

Your eye can/does do the exact same thing.

Just check to see if the so called crack moves as you go around a track, if it does, even by a small margin, then I’d say it’s the reflection of the dash top bouncing off the inside of the screen.

Will get back to you late, if no one else does beforehand …


Just checked the '09 RS 6 mate, and yes, it’s the edge of the dash-top running from left to right across the inside of the screen, but finishing prior to the righ hand A pillar.

It’s actually the silver bezel edging that goes around the dash cluster that’s looking like the crack. There’s other areas that are also reflecting back up on the windscreen.

You’ll find this is the case in many cars from cockpit view. Especially those with factory dashes, and very curved windscreens.

So it’s all fine, just focus on the track, rather than the reflection.

There’s also a slight foggines that the reflection makes towards the middle of the windscreen. Just ignor it. It would most likely appear in real life to some extent.

I foolishly painted my dash top of my 1967 HR Holden pure white. I had the entire interior upholstered in white 1.1/2" tuck-n-roll’ the only things black in it were the seatbelt so, no coloured seat belts in those days, and the crash cushioning on the dash edge. Carpet, trim, everything was white.

Boy did it glare!!

And, the reflection of the dash top on the inside of the windscreen was blinding hehehe.

Needless to say, I had to repaint the dash top matte black so that the light was absorbed rather than reflected. Lesson learned as they say lol.


Oh okk thank you!:+1:

No probs. one of the worst for reflections are the Enduro Prototypes or Hybrids with the extremely curved windscreens. But you get used to the reflection in time and just look past it.


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