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So I have a Pentium G3258 @4.5Ghz, which is a dual core, no amount of overclocking will change that. When I launch FM6: Apex, it tells me my PC is below minimum specs (only because of the CPU, a GTX 960 shouldn’t have too much trouble with this game) and it lets me continue anyway, so I do. I’m lucky if I get past the start screen and loading the first race took ages, even though it’s on an SSD. Not to mention that the game was dropping frames left and right.
Since this, I’ve discovered that FM6: Apex is ONLY USING 1 CPU CORE, pegging it at 100% while the other core doesn’t seem to be noticed by the game. I’ve checked the programs affinity within Task Manager, it’s allowed to use both cores. It seems to me that the game might just hate any CPU with less than 4 threads, that would probably require testing on more systems though. I’ll report back after trying some things within the game such as targeting 30fps as opposed to 60fps (locking GTA 5 to 30fps makes it not stutter uncontrollably).
Hopefully this issue can be found and addressed, I like Forza 6 and am happy to see it on PC.

There are many games that dont run on less than 4 cores these days.


2 core load of only 1 and 4 only two, interesting.

Not all cores go on full load all the time. It’s random and depending on how the game was programmed but there will be times when all cores go full load

Sorry to say but your processor is your weakest link

I’m aware that my CPU is bottlenecking here, I have plans to get an i5 (just need monies for it). Besides, it seems odd that the game doesn’t make use of all available threads, at least according to other posters here (not sure if it’s deliberate, a bug or just a trait of UWP, which is unlikely). Addressing what I said about reporting back after changing settings, I kinda uninstalled the game for now but I might reinstall it.

I5 is not worth it. I thought it was because of the clock speed being almost the only difference on paper, but hyperthreading is a large plus for scaleability, much less chance of bottlenecking than a standard 4 core that I have come to realize with my 4690K, I may even plan on upgrading to an I7 skylake even after I just got this Mobo and CPU 3 months ago.

I have dual Xeon both 12 cores and when running the game on 1 counts it only uses 6 cores. I have checked this on a second PCs, an AMD FX-8350 8 core and only 4 cores gets used. Seems that the game will automatically use half the cores the CPU has which is a bit strange

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That is strange. Maybe they are testing minimum amount of cores for the beta and full game will support more?

Hope this is the case

Here’s mine (i7, so 4 real cores, 8 threads)


I think it uses all cores when it needs too.

I just ran apex at full load, runs but I’m not satisfied. Spending more cash on parts lol

unpark your cpu cores if you are concerned and see if the game is multithreaded properly or not.


You could also change your power options and set it to high performance if not already forcing the cpu to run at max speed instead of stepping.

No screenshot from me, but looking at the Task Manager CPU charts during and after gameplay I have this same behavior. Running an Intel i5 4690K @ 4.5GHz and cores 1 and 4 are pegged while the others are like “meh” most of the time. Would LOVE a developer comment on this, like whether it is intended and has something to do with DX12 or if it is an issue.

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Got the same problem. I have an i5 4590 and it only uses 2 cores. Core 1 @3,70Ghz and core 3 @3,3Ghz. Very strange for a DirectX 12 game ! Core 2 and 4 are usless at this point. But why ? I just dont understandt it.

Yeah same on mine. Cores 1 & 4 pegged constantly, interesting enough my GPU usage only hovers around 20-50% with everything set as high as it can go aside from msaa. Im really hoping optimisation is a high priority during the beta.

i7 4790k @ 4.8ghz, gtx770 2gb, w10

also on g3258 4.1ghz here… and I cant get past the first loading scrren after the low system rewuiements windows pops up… can wait 10min + without anything happening… should I just give up or is there some kind of fix

Number of cores used is irrelevant. You know your CPU is below minimum specs but still complain it won’t run. If ANY single requirement falls below minimum you should not expect it to run. If it does you got lucky but it probably won’t be enjoyable. My Gaming PC stomps all over the requirements but I can’t even get it to download. That IS a complaint.
Your main choice right now is upgrade the CPU. Forza is very dependant on accurate physics calculations and as soon as the game detects your CPU can’t keep up it just falls over.

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Half-correct… My GPU was below minimum specs but the game started anyway (with a nice friendly warning) and was able to race Rio in a decent framerate albeit on absolute lowest settings. Then the rain came and my GPU just gave up. Went out, bought a GTX960 (I hardly play games so this should be enought) and now now issues whatsoever.

Anyhow, it seems that the minimum specs for Apex are still tooo low; personally I would not advise running minimum specs to even get a decent impression of the game.

As a PC gamer I find this almost offensive, that be like me saying oh you can’t download the game you should of expected that, now get better internet.

Offensive? Do you understand words? If the system doesn’t meet MINIMUM requirements it should not be expected to run. If it does, lucky you. But if it doesn’t then upgrade the bottleneck in the system. It was upgrade advice how is that offensive? It was not a personal attack on a family member or the memory of a passed relative, it wasn’t a joke about apartheid, or reference to sick children. Get some perspective.

Offensive? SMDH.