CPU M Rossi's Gallery (small random update)

Welcome to my Forza 5 Forzagraphy gallery

My First batch of serious Forzagraphy in Forza 5 are of the Beetle. why? well simply because I do love the 63 Beetle.
Is it cool? not really. is it fast? nope not at all, its more like a snail on wheels compared to most modern cars.
The thing the draws me to the Beetle is it’s simplicity. Its pretty much just 4 wheels, an engine, and a body.
Also even with under 100hp I find it a fun challenge to drive because you have to keep as much momentum
as possible as again its a snail on wheels when it’s time to accelerate out of a corner.
But it can reach speeds of 90 some mph on flat surfaces given enough room & almost 100mph downhill.

63 Beetle at Prague

vw beetle

vw beetle

vw beetle

vw beete


vw beetle

vw beetle

vw beetle

vw beetle

vw beetle

vw beetle

vw beetle

Nice start!

Cool to see a new gallery in the FM5 media center.

thanks Morc 57
had one in the Forza 4 media forum but I just got Forza 5 & an Xbox One for Christmas, so that is why I have just started a Forza 5 gallery

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From practical to built to win/built to honor the past.

New meets Old

GT 40

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

This is what happens when you pause a replay somewhere between right after the replay finishes & restarts.

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Good set and it’s nice to have entered my latest photocomp.

I would suggest higher settings of aperture in some of your shots though.

keep going!

Thanks Morc 57, had been concentrating on the career mode & thought a new meets old would be fun & didn’t know about your contest till after I was done.

Throw back Thursday

Forza 4

Forza 5


these were suppose to be with the GT40 & GT pictures but forgot to upload them

I made a wallpaper of the Forza 5 tracks, the only size I have made is 1920x1080 but will be making a 1440x900 version.


^Very nice!

That wallpaper is so awesome!

+1 Very neat!

thanks Morc 57

thanks Nights Viper & iHomie OG,
It started out just as an a idea & will admit at first I left the test track out cause I wanted to keep things even & then I came up with putting the Ring across the middle.

Here is the wallpaper in my screen resolution1440X900

DS3 R 1/2

^^^ that was my wallpaper for a couple days till I had the idea for the Forza 5 track wallpaper.

and this I just thought was a interesting picture.

photocomp week aw winner :slight_smile:

DS3 R part 2

Congrats on the win!

Nice shots, wallpapers up at work!

thanks Nights Viper & OldSchool 2O4F


Forza 5 screenshots

Great gallery and I love this one,

thanks Sergi01978
Audi R18 Etron Quatro
Won in the R18 in the Sebring hopper, So thought I why not take pictures of the R18 :slight_smile:
( using a poorly geared prototype car makes for a long hour and 20 minutes I didn’t tune the car on my first attempt in he Sebring hopper )
none of the pictures are from the multiplayer race

Ariel Atom
This car doesn’t like mistakes at all & lets you know it.

Great work again, the 1st is spot on!