CPU Drivers question

So I’m currently taking my baby steps out of abs, stm, and TC training wheels, And haven’t even tried playing on my usual computer setting of expert. I have a curious question. “Do the CPUs match the assists you have on or change based on the difficulty you set them on?”

The AI drivers use all assists, regardless of your settings. This is why the same difficulty level is so much harder in the higher classes - auto shifting hurts the slower cars a lot more since they take longer to shift and generally have less torque and narrower power-bands, and TCS helps in race cars but actually hinders in cars where turning using the throttle is essential. It also means they suck at launching low-powered cars because they can’t generate the necessary slip. This is most apparent in the historic racers.


Spoken like a true insider for sure!

Heh, nope - just a long-time player who happens to love racing the older cars in the game. That bottom-right division in Stories of Motorsport is what I go for every time and I’m loving it.

Haha yeah, same here, +1 for bottom right! :wink:


Hey thanks a bunch guys this was very insightful. That explains why things got easier when I turned on manual/clutch. Still working out my throttle and brake control now. This was my first topic it’s nice to see the people on hear aren’t just loud noise.

One assist they’ll match you on is sim damage. If you turn it on, the AI will also take damage, use up their fuel, and pit when necessary. This is particularly important during endurance races (e.g. the showcases), where cars will consume fuel at different rates and pit strategy will come into play.